Saving Baseball From Itself: A Virtual Lockout

By DAVID LAX – Jim Sebenius and I present a novel idea—a “virtual lockout” or “virtual strike”— that lets owners and players battle it out financially to their hearts’ content—but that keeps the games going, fans in their seats, and the sport undamaged. We recently described it in a cover story in the Boston Globe’s Sunday “Ideas” section.

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How Social Media Can Kill or Enhance Your Deals

By BEN COOK – The disruptive effects of social media have been felt around the world, as digital technologies introduce new capabilities and dynamics that touch business, diplomacy, and politics. Yet neither scholars nor experienced practitioners have a good handle on how to use of social media most effectively and ethically as part of negotiation strategy and tactics. In effort to address this surprising gap, we recently explored a series of case studies in how social media can kill, enhance, derail or save your most important deals.

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A 3-Minute Dealmaking Challenge from Teddy Roosevelt

By JIM SEBENIUS – I have a puzzler: you’ve printed up 3 million brochures with copyrighted photos for which you didn’t get permission. If you don’t use the photos, you’ll lose the election; if you do, you could be out $3 million that you don’t have. Advice for negotiating with the greedy copyright holder?

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