Partners Healthcare Dispute

Partners Healthcare Systems initially resulted from the merger of two of the world’s leading hospitals: Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s in Boston.

The firm advised Partners and another health care firm on a dispute that threatened their longstanding relationship.  We structured and facilitated discussions that led to successful resolution of the issues being contested while laying the groundwork for a broader and deeper working relationship.  Our approach drew on a knowledge of business strategy as well as of organizational politics and psychology.


Paul F. Levy

Former CEO, Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center

"Lax and Sebenius understand better than anyone that the key to successful and sustainable agreements is to focus on those activities that take place away from the negotiating table, well before face-to-face tactics come into play. 3D Negotiation is a brilliant and rigorous exposition of key bargaining strategy techniques from two masters of negotiation. Building on their previous reputation, the authors analyze recent corporate and diplomatic experience to provide new insights into the field. I have used their advice to great success in the complex health care environment."

Samuel O. Thier, M.D.

Former CEO, Partners Healthcare System, Inc.

"Lax Sebenius was extremely helpful to the Partners Healthcare System in very difficult, sensitive, strategically important negotiations. (They were) adept at bringing together individuals who were not like-minded on the subject at hand and assisted the parties by creating a forum in which mutually advantageous outcomes could be pursued."