Estée Lauder Capability Building

The Estée Lauder Companies include several brands: Estée Lauder, Clinique, Aramis, Prescriptives, Origins, Donna, MAC, Bobby Brown, Stila, Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger fragrances, and so on.

Led by Jim Sebenius, Lax Sebenius personnel including Ron Fortgang have spent countless hours working extensively with top executives including the firm’s Chairman, CEO, Brand and International Presidents, and others throughout the worldwide senior ranks. This work has involved advising focused on specific transactions and a sustained effort to customize a series of programs to develop the negotiating capacity of hundreds of Lauder Company executives worldwide, especially with respect to creating vibrant strategic partnerships with retailers and suppliers.


Phebe Farrow Port Senior

Vice President of Global Management Strategies for Estee Lauder Companies

"[Lax Sebenius’s] style and methodology is on the cutting edge of what is needed when you are number one in your field and working to maintain that position in a highly competitive global business climate. Our company and the executives therein have been given the tools required to achieve that end objective."

William Lauder Executive

Chairman of ELC and Chairman of the Board of Director for Estee Lauder Companies

"For many years, we searched for just the right firm and individual to find the best approach to enhance our senior executives' negotiating skills and after endless presentations of tired win-win and win-lose cliches, we began working closely with Dr. Jim Sebenius. His 3D approach is in use at many levels of the Estee Lauder Companies with excellent results."