Capability Building

FAR BEYOND SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS, we work with clients directly to invest in their team’s long-term capacity to negotiate more effectively.

Our high-impact Organizational Capability-Building Services put the client’s organization and processes under a microscope and offers specific, customized solutions to achieve significant and sustained improvements in behavior, process and outcomes.

Seminar participants who are very enthusiastic about our approach to negotiation return to the same pressures, the same complex internal procedures, the same (sometimes skewed) incentives and the same habits preventing them from doing the right kinds of preparation and ongoing analysis.

We develop highly customized training material that uses past and current client negotiations as case examples. We identify people who are handling certain kinds of negotiations well, and develop training programs that match the needs and challenges of the group whose capability we are seeking to improve. The training program combines our more general negotiation exercises and case studies with real-world client negotiations, enabling us to diffuse best practices throughout the group being trained.

This kind of engagement often targets a group of people who do related negotiations (or are part of teams that work on similar negotiations) such as the people who negotiate large sales, joint venture relationships, large distribution contracts, business development, M&A (as well as those who work with them in support functions) or who are part of related internal negotiations.

What Clients Say About Our Capability Building Services: