Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services deliver better results in specific negotiations.

We help clients develop sophisticated approaches in high-stakes deals such as divesting or acquiring businesses, restructuring relationships, and resolving disputes.

We’ve advised on large sales, entering and exiting joint ventures or alliances, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing agreements, procurement, negotiations with large department store and discount store chains, settlements of shareholder class action, IP and other lawsuits, IP licensing, and a variety of commercial and financial negotiations. We have also worked with governments on financial and diplomatic negotiations.

Solid Results:

Our work with clients has produced large sales they believe they would not otherwise have made and brought to our clients’ bottom lines hundreds of millions of dollars beyond their optimistic assessments in negotiations to sell divisions or extricate themselves from complex relationships. We have helped them start and grow effective partnering relationships, settle litigation, restructure supply chain arrangements, negotiate agreements with countries, and been involved in a wide variety of other situations.

What Clients Say About Our Advisory Work: