Whether it’s a JV, a merger, regulatory approval or any pivotal deal, leaders looking for support during their most critical negotiations – beyond the technical advice of investment bankers and lawyers – are often offered little beyond rehearsal sessions led by consultants or coaches with limited real-word deal experience.

Meanwhile, many individuals who engage daily in negotiations on behalf of their employer – sales, procurement, even M&A – typically receive limited support beyond routine training seminars, and often face numerous challenges from skewed incentives to complex internal procedures that limit their effectiveness.

We take a different approach.

What We Do

Many clients make use of our full range of support over time, and each engagement is highly customized to the client’s unique needs. However, broadly our services can be categorized into four offerings:

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services deliver better results in specific negotiations. We help clients develop sophisticated approaches in high-stakes deals such as divesting or acquiring businesses, restructuring relationships, and resolving disputes.

Organizational Capability-Building Services

Far beyond a seminars and workshops, we work with clients directly to invest in their team’s long-term capacity to negotiate more effectively.

Negotiation Training

Negotiation training that delivers an ROI the first day back at the office. We provide engaging, interactive Negotiation Training that is based upon the highly effective 3D Negotiation™ method we developed and still teach at Harvard.

Speaking Engagements

For select groups and clients in business, government, nonprofit and academia, our co-founders and Senior Advisors are available for compelling speaking engagements .

Our 3D Negotiation™ approach cuts across each of our core services: advising, training and capability- building. In advisory work, we help our clients look expansively and think creatively to structure the setup that is most likely to deliver the results our clients want and develop deal designs that meet the parties’ interests. In our training and capability-building engagements, our approach not only enhances participants’ interpersonal effectiveness at the table – the usual process focus of negotiation seminars – but also in substance as designers of deals that create value on a sustainable basis, and as negotiating entrepreneurs acting away from the table to set up the most promising possible situation once the face-to-face process begins.

Typical Engagement Categories