So what is 3D Negotiation™?

There are three dimensions to effective negotiation:

Most negotiators only work in the first or first and second dimensions and forego substantial value to be found away from the table.

The world’s most successful negotiators spend significant effort on the 3rd dimension, which is typically ignored by less sophisticated counterparts. Our experience in mergers & acquisitions, diplomatic negotiations, supply chain renegotiations, labor disputes, pharmaceutical and regulatory approvals and a wide variety of other settings has demonstrated the value of the 3D Negotiation™ approach.

To learn more about the 3D Negotiation™ approach, download a case study or an excerpt from our book.

So what does it look like in practice?

Not An Executive Coach

We specialize in deal strategy and negotiations campaigns, as well as interpersonal problem-solving and tactics. Those at-the-table tactics are important – but if you do your setup and your sequencing right, you can succeed completely without great tactical moves.


Lax Sebenius partners with our clients to analyze their position holistically, develop a comprehensive view of all parties and their interests, and execute a carefully sequenced set of strategic steps to fundamentally alter the available universe of potential deal outcomes in your favor.

Systematic, Not Short-Term

Our approach is based on groundbreaking methodology we developed at Harvard, and involves a fundamental and lasting shift in team mindset towards systematic campaigns. We strive to empower our clients to unlock new gains across all their negotiations employing our 3D strategies.

Above all, we get it done – and the results speak for themselves.