NEW RULES, Pt. II: How Proactively Embracing Social Media Can Strengthen Your Hand

At Lax Sebenius, we’ve been building to incorporate a deep understanding of social media into our groundbreaking 3D Negotiation™ approach in order to help improve deal outcomes at every level.

Our webinar series on the topic of “New Rules for Negotiators” in the era of social media has drawn LOTS of positive reaction from the hundreds who watched. In this second presentation, David, Jim and I showed how our very own Paul Levy embraced an early form of social media, a personal blog, and proactively built a digital following that proved pivotal in fending off a multimillion-dollar unionization drive.

Rather than a globally publicized battle between Amazon and NYC (see: webinar #1), this time we examined a very different role for social media in negotiation over whether a union could organize the employees of a prominent Boston hospital. The setting is different from our that of our first webinar, the players and stakes are different, the negotiation roles of social media are qualitatively different, and the lessons are different — but highly complementary.

In case you missed it, you can watch a version below with about 30 minutes each of presentation and Q&A: