Creating value through 3D Negotiation™

Lax Sebenius LLC is a negotiation strategy and capability-building firm that works with leaders in the highest levels of business and government to achieve better results in their most important negotiations.


Widely considered among the world’s foremost advisors in challenging negotiations, David Lax and Jim Sebenius literally wrote the book on the most effective strategies for negotiating the toughest situations a company or even a country is apt to face. Today they have assembled a high-level, sophisticated team with expertise across sectors to advise senior leaders and build organizational capacity in order to achieve better results across their most high-stakes, high-impact negotiations.


David Lax
Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Lax Sebenius
Jim Sebenius
Co-Founder, Lax Sebenius & Gordon Donaldson Professor, HBS

Senior Advisory Team


As Harvard scholars and experienced private sector consultants, we have spent 20 years studying what makes some negotiators more effective than others. The 3D Negotiation™ approach we’ve developed is proven to deliver successful deal outcomes that consistently exceed client expectations.

Our proprietary, groundbreaking methodology outlines three dimensions of deal strategy:

At the

Most negotiators focus on what is happening at the table, with a focus on interpersonal behavior, communication and win/lose tactics for claiming value. 

On the Drawing Board

Successful negotiators, [often trained through “win-win” books and seminars,] understand intuitively the importance of deal design. 

Away from the Table

The most effective negotiators understand that game-changing success frequently results from favorably altering the deal landscape itself, often before any tactical interplay.

What We Do

Advisory Services

We provide hands-on support for your most high-stakes deals, developing powerful negotiation strategies and tactics based on a sophisticated view of all parties, interests, and their no-deal options, then serving as a real-time sounding board for leaders and teams adapting to new developments and information throughout the deal process.

Capability Building

We design highly customized, high-impact programs using your team’s actual past and current negotiations to radically improve the capacity of key internal players to deliver sustained results across many deals over time by successfully employing the 3D framework in the real world.

Negotiation Training

We provide experiential training using powerful negotiation exercises and case studies, often customized for clients, that is designed to help participants grasp and apply the core concepts of 3D negotiation, using a highly interactive teaching approach.

Speaking Engagements

For select groups and clients in business, government, nonprofit and academia, our co-founders and Senior Advisors are available for compelling speaking engagements .

Top Executives Describe 3D Results

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