Omid Ghamami

OMID GHAMAMI, CPSCM, Senior Advisor at Lax Sebenius LLC, has 28+ years of procurement and negotiation experience with hundreds of Fortune 500 and government clients in 29 countries.  He is an 18-year veteran of Intel Corporation, where he was responsible for the Global Corporate Purchasing Operations organization (expenditures, systems, tools, and policies), with a $16B annual scope.      

Mr. Ghamami has pioneered the development of the CPSCM™ (Certified Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager) certification program, which has been invested in by nearly half of the Fortune 100.  He is also an accomplished Procurement author (2 books, many articles in global journals).  He is the program founder and exclusive Adjunct Professor of the only Procurement Certification Program in the California Community College System (117 colleges).  In 2019, he was named one of the Top 5 Procurement Influencers in the World by CPO Strategy magazine.  He has been interviewed by SAPAriba, Fortune Magazine, and Zycus, with subsequent articles published based on those interviews.  He is a regular guest speaker in Harvard University’s Master’s Program in Supply Chain Management.   

Mr. Ghamami holds an MBA from the University of CA system (Class President) and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in Finance and Economics from California State University, Sacramento.