Alastair Aitken, CBE

ALASTAIR AITKEN, CBE is Senior Advisor at Lax Sebenius, and a leading strategist in the use of Networked Negotiations. With a deep expertise in the changing nature of the information ecosystem, activism and digital intelligence, he has been the forefront of advising corporate clients on negotiation strategy in a rapidly changing environment.

He has been a leading proponent of integrating ESG factors into negotiation strategy, as a core element of stakeholder engagement. He has acted as an advisor to the Sustainable Markets Initiative, a global environmental organization and a number of social activist groups. He has supported a number of large financial service and corporate clients on their ESG strategy. He is one of the leading experts on the changing nature of environmental, social and political activism.

For thirty years he was in the British Army, leaving as a Brigadier having founded and built the internationally renowned 77th Brigade, the first Information Warfare organization in a western country. He pioneered the use of information networks, digital tools and intelligence to support political negotiations in numerous different conflict zones, counter disinformation, and disrupt ISIS propaganda.

As the Global Managing Director of Storyful Intelligence, the News Corp digital intelligence company, he provided advice and insight to senior corporate and financial services leaders on digital networked influence and ESG strategy. As the Chair of the Crisis Practice at Edelman UK, he was responsible for providing advice and strategy to senior leaders on narratives, strategy and counter disinformation resilience.

He has a wide experience of international affairs, and the impact of geopolitical risk on corporate strategy with specific interest in the Middle East, Pakistan, the Balkans and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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