Greg Barron

Greg Barron, Director at Lax Sebenius LLC and was a Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School from 2004–2010. His extensive training experience includes Negotiation in numerous Executive Education programs, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, Behavioral Approaches to Decision Making as well as the core MBA course in Negotiation. At Harvard, Barron developed business cases and other teaching materials on Negotiation Strategy and Risk.

Upon leaving Harvard Business School Barron came to Lax Sebenius LLC. where he participates in training and advisory engagements in the oil, pharmaceutical, health, real estate and telecom industries and has lead training at international nonprofit organizations.

Barron has published widely and in a variety of academic journals including Psychological Science and Psychological Review. His research is on decision making, focusing on the effects of experience on decisions under risk. His work has been featured in the national and international press and has received the Bruno de Finetti prize from the European Association for Decision Making. Accessible to managers, Barron’s research has appeared in HBS Working Knowledge and in an invited presentation to the International Consumer Product Health & Safety Organization.

Finally, his background includes Group Facilitation and Human Resource Management. He holds a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science in Management and Industrial Engineering and has been awarded the Prize for Excellence in Teaching.