Negotiation Training

We provide training in negotiation typically customized to the particular client. Our programs are experiential, using powerful negotiation exercises designed to help participants realize – both at intellectual and gut levels – the benefits of applying a core negotiation framework.

We make use of HBS case studies, negotiation simulations and video analysis to create a lively learning environment in which participants are challenged to improve their negotiating results. All of our work is based upon the 3D Negotiation™ framework (described below), which we developed by combining a) years of academic study, at Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government of what makes negotiators effective with b) years of experience, as principals and advisors, in significant and complex business and governmental negotiations. Sophisticated observers say that our 3D Negotiation™ approach provides most sophisticated negotiation training available.

Our interactive, multi-mode training approach is the basis for the Harvard Business School Executive Program called Strategic Negotiation that we teach at Harvard Business School. Participants rate our training very highly – often our programs are the highest rated being offered to the client.

Training programs make sense when the participants from disparate organizations. We do hear success stories resulting from the application of our approach by seminar participants, but much more systematic adoption of our approach when we move from training to capability-building.

What Our Clients Say About Our Negotiation Training

  • Sebenius and Lax set the standard by which all teaching professionals are to be judged. The circuitous path to unforgettable conclusions gives their seasoned professional students intellectual souvenirs, which will be useful daily ad infinitum. The same students, executives themselves, unanimously give the professors the grade of A+. Final. Not Negotiable.
    Winter 2003 Strategic Negotiation Class
  • The insights I gained on the first day were applicable on the first call back to the office. What I learned was not only theoretically interesting and challenging, but highly practical and applicable.
    Small Firm CEO
  • If you have attended many negotiation sessions directed at win-win or the process or art of negotiation, this course will add many advanced tools and dimensions that you may never have considered. Well qualified workshop leaders and excellent material.
    Bob Hellum
  • Excellent course! Real-world examples, cases and realistic exercises drove home key learnings. Instruction is world-class.
    Mark Coflin