Advisory Services

We work with a number of clients providing advice on specific negotiations. We help a team develop a negotiation strategy. We then serve as coach and sounding board in real-time as the negotiation progresses and the team learns new information.

We’ve advised on large sales, entering and exiting joint ventures or alliances, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing agreements, procurement, negotiations with large department store and discount store chains, settlements of shareholder class action, IP and other lawsuits, IP licensing, and a variety of commercial and financial negotiations. We have also worked with governments on financial and diplomatic negotiations.

Solid Results

Our work with clients has produced large sales they believe they would not otherwise have made and brought to our clients’ bottom lines hundreds of millions of dollars beyond their optimistic bets in negotiations to sell divisions or extricate themselves from complex relationships. We have helped them start and grow effective partnering relationships, settle litigation, restructure supply chain arrangements, negotiate agreements with countries, and been involved in a wide variety of other situations.

What Our Clients Say About Our Advisory Work:

  • Lax Sebenius have generated terrific value for Bupa and Diageo. They worked with my teams on a wide range of corporate and commercial negotiations over a period of almost 20 years. Rather than play the “game” that presents itself, they proactively set up a far more promising negotiation “game”. They worked with the teams to develop creative, and sometimes startlingly different, strategies that have generated literally hundreds of millions of £’s in value to Diageo and Bupa while a) often improving relationships with our counterparts; b) improving our own internal negotiations; and c) building our teams’ capabilities to perform better.
    Stuart Fletcher
    CEO, Bupa, former President, International, Diageo
  • When I served as Head of the Infrastructure Fund and then CEO of 3i, I engaged Lax Sebenius to improve the negotiation capability of our deal teams. The 3D Negotiation training was sophisticated and helped us to prepare for and carry out the complex multi-stakeholder negotiation campaigns that are required to be successful in the infrastructure world. I saw a meaningful improvement in the planning, strategy and execution of deals. Based upon our positive experience with Lax Sebenius and their broad base of relevant experience, I suggested to the CEO of one of our portfolio companies that was facing a critical negotiation that would shape its return on capital over the next several years that he consider bolstering his team's capabilities by engaging Lax Sebenius. Lax Sebenius helped the CEO and his team to a) think through and develop a negotiation strategy; and b) build the capability of the negotiation team to deliver. The results of this extended engagement had the desired effect on our returns.
    Michael Queen
    Former CEO of 3i plc and Head of the 3i Infrastructure Fund
  • I asked William Ury and David Lax to help me through one of the most difficult negotiations of my life: my departure from Grupo Pão de Açúcar – Brazil´s largest chain of supermarkets, a business created by my father. Both William and David helped me to identify my broader goal. Together we created a plan designed to meet the interests of both sides involved in the negotiation. They then proceeded to talk to Baron David de Rothschild (chosen as a mediator by the counterpart organization) on my behalf. The result was much better than I had imagined. William and David found wise ways with which to break the stalemates in the process – a process that dragged on for two years and finally led to an agreement that was beneficial and satisfactory for both parties.
    Abilio Diniz
    Peninsula Participacoe Ltda.
  • In negotiation, the moves you make away from the table are as important as any moves you can make at the table. Nowhere has this insight been more brilliantly and practically presented than in the 3D Negotiation™ method developed here by David Lax and James Sebenius. This is a landmark contribution, valuable for any negotiator. My hat is off to them!
    William Ury
    Co-author, Getting to Yes, author, Getting Past No
  • Lax Sebenius were a source of clear-headed counsel, focus and objectivity during a long and intense period of difficult negotiations and conflict. Their excellent advice helped us avoid numerous pitfalls and guided us toward actions that we might not have taken otherwise. Their advice complemented and helped us frame the input we received from our top legal and merchant banking advisors. As advisors, they told us what they thought we needed to hear rather than what they thought we wanted to hear. Their advice contributed significantly to the ability of our company to successfully complete negotiations that created billions of pounds of value for Guinness and Grand Metropolitan shareholders.
    Kenneth Mildwaters
    Group General Counsel, Guinness plc and Diageo plc
  • Lax Sebenius was extremely helpful to the Partners Healthcare System in very difficult, sensitive, strategically important negotiations. (They were) adept at bringing together individuals who were not like-minded on the subject at hand and assisted the parties by creating a forum in which mutually advantageous outcomes could be pursued.
    Samuel O. Thier, M.D.
    Former CEO, Partners Healthcare System, Inc.
  • I have worked directly with the authors on some of the most challenging negotiations of my career. Their 3D approach was important in helping to deliver hundreds of millions of pounds of value for shareholders.
    Philip Yea
    CEO, 3i Group Plc.